teacher. speaker. writer.

There are times we get stuck. We want to continue and advance but cannot seem to make it past the potholes that life throws our way.

So we jump from place to place, or site to site, hoping that maybe this time you can find an answer.

I can help.

I say this with total confidence for a couple of reasons.

the teacher.

The original meaning and concept of the word “doctor” was in fact, teacher; that is, the doctor did not “do” as much as they helped educate others to do for themselves. This has been lost over the years and many now believe that they have no say or control over things such as their health or feelings. 

Nothing could be more erroneous.

I have treated 1000s of patients over my career and though it is impossible to have “seen it all,” after more than 30 years, I have seen most. In every case, in addition to excellent treatment,  I always made sure that patients left with personalized, useful information.  

Based on my education and extensive experience, I created various services listed HERE,. Know that your suffering can be transformed into happiness. Your pain can be alleviated and you can finally experience the success and happiness that you desire.

In short, you can learn to be your own “doctor” of sorts. Teach yourself much of what is needed to help prevent issues and live a healthy life. If something comes up and you get stuck, I am always available to help.

Contact me for help HERE.

 the speaker.

Part of the teaching/educating/doctor is presenting information in a useful and entertaining fashion. I have lectured to Congress, taught at major universities and colleges and have given 100s of lectures to 1000s of people over this time.

I tailor-make short lectures or multi-day events to fit the needs of the group involved. I have provided health lectures to company employees, motivational lectures to athletes and technical lectures to schools as examples.

If you are looking for topics such as Natural Health, nutrition, how to improve mental, physical or emotional health, you have found an Expert. I would be happy to speak to your group.

Contact me for lectures HERE.

the writer.

Funny how a simple comment at age 12 can turn into a lifelong passion.

One of my teachers not known for her complimentary style,  in front of the class, stated, “David has a flair for writing. . . . .” From that day forward, writing has been a part of my life.

I have had over 35 articles published in professional journals and hundreds of others published on blogs and other sites. It is a passion and I am blessed with a skill that allows me to find words that have meaning to others. People have read my material and have kindly stated how their life improved by reading it.

Need inspirational stories? A unique perspective on things? A well-crafted speech? Contact me.

Contact me for writing HERE.


IN SUMMARY, I am a Teacher – one who uses herbs or written words, lectures or classes to help others. I see pain and have a strong desire to heal the one who is suffering. I see potential and desire to help one reach it. I see sadness and know there is a joyful person in there.

Contact me. You can live a much different way with a new approach and new information. 

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“It has been an honor to work with Dr. Orman. He is one of the most talented, inspirational and unique people I have ever come across. My life is much better from working with him. Forever grateful.”   – Shelli K.


“I feel like a new guy. Every part of my health is so much better.”Dan Carrera


“I was in a deep rut. Without David’s help, I would still be there.”Kelly J.


“I don’t have an idea what you did actually but all I can say is that I feel like a million bucks!! Thanks, Doc!.” Jon L.

“Honesty, I am not sure I would be around today if it were not for David.” –Name Withheld

“David is simply a brilliant writer. Incredibly creative and has developed a unique, one-of-a-kind style. I love his work.” Dr. June Kannon

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