Book Of Blessings: “An Average Joe”

Blessings for Being an Average Joe.

He is the classic “overnight success which only took 20 years.”

Unless you are a musician or follow music, you probably don’t know him.

You should.

You may not know how to pronounce his last name. Probably haven’t heard him on the radio much. Maybe caught a special on TV.

You really should listen.

His name is Joe Bonamassa and he is one of the most brilliant musicians and guitar virtuosos today. Even the elite guitarists cite him as the example to follow.

And an average Joe.

He started on the road to brilliance at a very young age and by the time he was 13, he was being featured on local TV for his guitar playing abilities. While other kids were doing usual kid stuff, Joe played guitar.

As time progressed, his skills grew, as did his popularity. He became recognized for his creativity, originality and near flawless technique.

Despite it all, he was still an average Joe.

Now, Joe Bonamassa sells out some of the most famous music halls in the world from the Beacon in New York to the Hammersmith Odean in London and 100s in between. He has played with legends such as Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Paul Rodgers.

Despite the fame and fortune, he is still an average Joe.

Except that he isn’t.

You listen to Joe in interviews, including the ones he still does for PBS and he is a humble fellow with a deep passion for his art. He attributes his success to his parents and the guidance they provided. He continually praises his bandmates and deflects personal praise.

He has never played the borish, worn-out role of the “drug user/alcohol abuser” rock star. He has not been married and divorced 12 times and has never been arrested for possession or spousal abuse or anything like this. You never hear him make some stupid political comment or say anything controversial.

A regular Joe.

But not really.

Joe Bonamassa reminds us of what we are capable of when we live from our hearts and maintain our integrity. He is an example of what we can accomplish by living and giving more. In the process of this journey, we find our extraordinary existence.

It is not magic nor predetermined destiny. It is effort, focus, and dedication. It is the willingness to seek and expect more from our selves. It is standing up for our dreams, not crumbling in the face of peer pressure or societal weakness.

It is reaching for more, not settling for less.

In the process, we discover and maximize our talents and are able to share them with the world, making it a little better place.

If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do.

And don’t do it.

Instead, find an “average Joe” and live life to the fullest.

May we be blessed with the courage to find our true calling, dedication to work to master it and willingness to share it with the world. It is our mission to make our world at least a little better by what we do.

Just like Joe.


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