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New Years Now

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Mark your calendar.

January 21.

That is the typical date that most people stop pursuing their “New  Year’s Resolution(s).”  Yes, psychologists tell us that 21 days post-New Years is the day that some 70-80% of people stop their resolutions and return to old habits.

Most people.

So today is a great day to be something other than most people.

Today is a great day to start (a) New Life Resolution(s). They are similar to New Year’s resolutions except these are the ones that we will accomplish. They are not some wishful thinking, fanciful desires.  These are the things that you wish to adjust or add to your life now.

They will take effort but we have never been short of effort.  Also, when something is meaningful enough, effort is a non-issue.

They are not average, bland or “I should” type of goals. They are heart-driven and filled with endless passion, sprinkled with fun and joy.

They not just empty numbers on a scale or a bank account.  They have deep, personal meaning. The scale matters if one’s body is put to use such as learning a new skill or helping out a neighbor.  Yes, if you love cooking than this is the year to jump in and take the class. Or run that marathon. Lose the weight if you want or need to but do it because you want to look great in those shorts or sign up for the  Half Ironman. You do it for you and you get it done this year!

The best part is that by starting now, you have given yourself an extra month and week to achieve that which you wish to achieve.

So begin.



Take on your Life Mission and by Christmas 2019, you will be celebrating like you have never celebrated before.

David Orman

David Orman

David Orman is the founder and instructor of Central FL Systema school and is the first Certified Systema Instructor in Central Florida, receiving his Full Certification from Vladimir Vasiliev. David started martial arts training in 1985 and has black belts in Aikido, Karate and Kumdo. He is 1 of only 4 Americans certified in The Approach. David also has the title of Sifu in Tai Chi. David currently trains in Systema with David and Rick Merrell regularly, and Vladimir Vasiliev and other Systema Masters when possible.