Body Owner’s Manual


These are the inherently known, instinctual pieces of information that constantly whisper to us, gently reminding us how to use the gifts we have been given.

  • Heart. Enter at your own risk. Heals as easily as it breaks.

  • Brain. Read owner’s manual on this organ on a regular basis, particularly the section where it says, “use with great frequency.”

  • Tongue. Danger- use with caution

  • Eyes. To be used to see the best in others.

  • Nose. To be used as it relates to one’s own business, not to other’s

  • Right hand. To be used mainly in lifting others up when they fall

  • Left hand. Part 1. Find dog. Part 2. Pet dog. Part 3. Repeat often.

  • Lips. Part 1. Find person you love. Part 2. Press lips to theirs. Part 3. Repeat frequently.

  • Lips, Part B. To be shaped regularly in an upward, “u’ form, commonly known as a smile.

  • Shoulders. Be cautious of limits relating to burden carrying.

  • Spine. Be sure to have one. Be sure to use one.

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