What is the Ming Men and How it Can Improve Your Life

Ming Men was always a term surround by mystery. In Chinese Medicine, it is considered to be the area associated with the kidneys and represented by either fire or a fire underneath a boiling pot. Depending on which text (and translation) you read, it meant either “the space in between the kidneys,” “the left kidney” or “the area associated with the kidneys.” In any event, think of it as this:

  1. Low back area.
  2. If you were wearing a shirt with a seam, it would be the back portion which I am referring to.

On a physical level, this is the most important energy of the entire body. It is what keeps us alive. It not only helps with the overall energy, it is directly responsible for the health of the skeletal system, teeth, hair, memory and hearing.

On an emotional level, it helps us deal with fear and find our courage.

For most texts, this is where it ends; that is, nothing else is typically spoken about this area called the Ming Men (kidneys). Ironically, the most important aspect of the Ming Men is the one not talked about. In fact, it can drastically change your life for the better.

Most of the time, our energy is focused in our forebrain. It is here that our stories, dramas, running commentary, opinions etc., originate. You might say it is where the “ego” or the “small mind” is located. Ever say a nasty comment or need to get the last word? This is where those low energies originate.

In our back, specifically our Ming Men area, we connect with the Big Presence. Call it Tao, God, the Universe, Great Spirit, our Bigger Self or any other name you wish. It is where inspiration and kindness have their origins. Ever do a loving act, or forgive someone? The source is Ming Men.

The great news is that we can train ourselves to live in the Ming Men. It takes about 1 second to get there, literally. Simply take a breath and bring your awareness to the spine/low back/Ming Men and stay there. Keep your awareness there as much as possible.

Normally, we go there. . . then back to the forebrain. . . and back to Ming Men etc. That is fine. Every new skill takes time. Simply practice and remind yourself to live from here, to keep your awareness and energy in the Ming Men. Your life will not only improve but will do so in a dramatic fashion.

As will your health.