Overcoming Laziness

Ever meet someone who is very unmotivated? Their energy is just so low that you want to fall asleep 2 minutes after they arrive? Add in their slouching and constant yawning, it seems like the entire energy in the room is draining.

They talk a good game about how they are going to learn French or complete an Ironman but you know they will not.


The harsh truth is that they are lazy.

Fear not, there is good news. Laziness is not a permanent state; rather, it is a learned one. It is also one that can be overcome.

Laziness is a result of what is called Kidney and Heart Yang deficiency. The both of these organs are THE keys to getting moving and getting things done. The kidneys provide the willpower and the heart provides the passion. The yang energy is the action itself. When the yang is lacking, laziness, low energy, lack of motivation, low levels of discipline and being critical (and often jealous) of others results.

An excellent herbal formula to help add more yang and thus, more life in one’s life is called¬†You Gui Wan. It translates as “Right Restoring Pill” and can be found at most Herbal Stores.

This formula contains a series of herbs which stimulate and nourish the kidney and heart energies. Over a period of time, symptoms such as low back issues, excessive sleeping, low energy and yes, laziness are overcome and “healed.” The formula is outstanding and also inexpensive.

There other other supportive measures that are highly recommended including exercise, proper diet and perhaps best of all, a support network. Get with people who are active, motivated and have a zest for life. Pick up habits they have and make them your own. Get new ideas and experience what life is like with passion!