The Great Heart Protector

In Natural Health, the heart is never “attacked” directly; that is, diseases of the heart do not start with the heart itself. Rather they start with other organs which tries to protect the heart. If this cannot happen, the heart then is affected.

One of the great protectors is the Pericardium. Its sole purpose is to protect the heart. It is considered and “envelope” of sorts which surrounds the heart itself.

Like every other organ, there are 2 hour blocks of time which are associated with the organs themselves.  This is the time  when the organ is at its strongest. (The opposite [12 hours] is when the organ is at its weakest.)

The times associated with the Pericardium are 7-9pm.

As mentioned these times are when this organ is at its strongest. The 12-hour opposite, 7-9am is when it is at its weakest.

Care to guess which time block, people have the most number of heart attacks??! Yes, you would be correct. (And as a side note, Monday is the most common day.)

The Pericardium can be strengthened via exercise and also by being with family and friends of a good nature. This is a time to have a cup of tea and chat with people, enjoying their company.

Do winding down exercises too, ideally floor based ones or Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Bagua. Yin – meaning calmer – slower moving exercises is the idea word here. 

It also helps to find the right teacher(s) and colleagues for ideal expression of one’s creative self.

Of course, there are specific foods, herbs and other nutrition  and treatments that can strengthen this  organ. This will be covered in another blog post.


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