Best Exercise Known?

This article was easy to write. I first researched, then experimented with it for 45 days (and going) and found the results to be outstanding. It was the title that was challenging. There are so many positives to say about it that it would be 62 words long!

The topic I am referring to is the most underappreciated, underutilized, undervalued. . . .outstanding fat loss, great for cardio health and probably the best overall exercise around. It is easy on the joints but quite difficult to keep doing. There is no learning curve. You already know how to do it.

It is . . . .rowing.

Rowing is an outstanding full body exercise that works virtually every single muscle in the body, heart included. It just might be the perfect workout period.

It can be done in basically 2 ways – long and slow OR tabata-like.

Benefits of Long and Slow

Rowing for anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes has tremendous benefits. It will strengthen the back (particularly the low back), arms, hips and legs. In fact, to prepare for my 12K this Saturday, all I did was row (zero running) and it was one of the best runs I have ever had.

It will steadily melt fat. Couple this with a quality diet and supplements such as Doc Wellness Supplement, your overall body fat will be reduced. Your overall weight may not be. Why?

The density and strength of your body will increase – arms, shoulders, legs especially. This will add to more fat loss but may or may not show up in the overall weight. Then again, who cares? More muscle, more strength, less fat!

Benefits of Tabatas

If you recall, Tabatas are based on the 20/10 ratio; that is move (as in sprint, cycle or in this case, row) as if a pit pull was chasing you for 20 seconds. Then jog to recover. This would be considered 1 round. After a warm up, proceed to 8-10 rounds.

Along with diet and supplements, this method done twice, maaayyyybee three times per week will scorch fat from your body like nothing else.

Another benefit is that it does not take nearly as much time as the first method.

Either one will work though. Depends on your overall nature.

Give it a go. There will be less of you to love in no time!


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