Adding Confidence

Bach Flower Remedies are the most underappreciated and under-utilized substances on the planet. Quite a bold statement is it not? Actually, I think it is understated. THAT is how effective and useful they are. I have used them for the past 25 years with family, patients and self. 

They are inexpensive, typically around $12 and only take a couple of drops, a couple of times to really work well. For fast acting results, take directly under the tongue. For deeper acting results, take in water and sip.

Let me give a specific example:

Hungry? Have a tasty, healthy meal.

Tired? Take a 30 minute nap followed by Doc Wellness Supplement.

Lack confidence? Larch, a couple of drops.

Larch is an outstanding substance which slowly and subtly clears the energetic blocks which prevent you from feeling your natural state; that is, a confident man or a confident woman. It is the real you and there are times when one’s chemistry is out of balance (usually low thyroid, blood and/or adrenals) or when one’s energy is out of kilter. Bagua (Order HERE) or Qi Gong will be a huge help but if you need immediate help, Larch is the treatment.

Larch will reorganize the energetic matrix and allow you to feel the confident self that you truly are. The fears will subside or be put in their place, so to speak. Most of the time, the fears are nothing more than the horror stories we tell ourselves via the front of our brain. We in turn, believe them to be real. Larch clears the blocks and allows us to express our confidence and self assurance.


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