Adding Confidence

Bach Flower Remedies are the most underappreciated and under-utilized substances on the planet. Quite a bold statement is it not? Actually, I think it is understated. THAT is how effective and useful they are. I have used them for the past 25 years with family, patients and self. 

They are inexpensive, typically around $12 and only take a couple of drops, a couple of times to really work well. For fast acting results, take directly under the tongue. For deeper acting results, take in water and sip.

Let me give a specific example:

Hungry? Have a tasty, healthy meal.

Tired? Take a 30 minute nap followed by Doc Wellness Supplement.

Lack confidence? Larch, a couple of drops.

Larch is an outstanding substance which slowly and subtly clears the energetic blocks which prevent you from feeling your natural state; that is, a confident man or a confident woman. It is the real you and there are times when one’s chemistry is out of balance (usually low thyroid, blood and/or adrenals) or when one’s energy is out of kilter. Bagua (Order HERE) or Qi Gong will be a huge help but if you need immediate help, Larch is the treatment.

Larch will reorganize the energetic matrix and allow you to feel the confident self that you truly are. The fears will subside or be put in their place, so to speak. Most of the time, the fears are nothing more than the horror stories we tell ourselves via the front of our brain. We in turn, believe them to be real. Larch clears the blocks and allows us to express our confidence and self assurance.


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2 Solutions to Heartburn

It’s now estimated that more than 60 million American adults experience heartburn symptoms at least once a month. Surveys have found that the number of people reporting daily or weekly heartburn and/or acid reflux symptoms has risen nearly 50 percent over the last decade.

Heartburn is a form of uncomfortable indigestion that causes painful burning sensations in the chest or upper abdomen. It’s closely related to acid reflux, or the condition characterized by someone experiencing backward flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. 

Here are the main causes:

  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise
  • smoking
  • obesity
  • low stomach acid
  • over-consumption of acidic foods

Fortunately, heart burn is relatively easy to correct and prevent. Aside from the above adjustments, here are substances which not only will take away the symptoms but very often get to the root of the matter. They are as follows: 

  1. Drinking aloe prior to a meal OR at the first sign of the problem. Aloe is soothing and cooling and will take care of the burning sensation.
  2. DMG. This is a type of licorice (the herb). It helps to heal any type of tear or inflammatory response within the gut itself.

Why only 2? Because they work in 99% of the cases. The only 1% is most likely very serious and should be addressed in person.


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8 Major Fat Loss Truths

Do you have a slow or fast metabolism? Slow? Looking for basic but potent ways of jumping into the high normal or high range? Today’s the day for you!

Your metabolism is basically how many calories you burn each day. Overtime, metabolism can vary depending on a number of factors with diet and exercise being the most influential. Age to a lot lesser degree than reported (desired?) is a secondary level factor.

Here are 8 common metabolic boosters and commentary about each.

1) Strength training

Claim: Boosts metabolism 10% or more after a training program

Accuracy: 100%!

In fact, despite what many people think, harder, more “aggressive” exercise is better for your metabolism. However, please note that 1 pound of muscle does not burn 50 calories per day. Over the course of about a month, you can burn off one pound by doing. . . . well. . . absolutely nothing. How is that for a deal?

The key is consistency (3 times a week), duration (less less than 30 minutes per session BUT nothing more than 45 minutes) and intensity. Make it challenging otherwise you are wasting time.

A recent study I read showed a 100% increase in fat burning after strength training — heavier weights, low repetitions and a duration of 30 minutes, 3x/wk.

2) Breakfast

Claim: Because it stops your “fasting”, it can jump start your metabolism.

Accuracy: Yes. Your metabolism won’t go into any kind of  “starvation mode” without breakfast, but it is associated with successful fat loss. Be sure to include 30% of your daily protein intake at breakfast. This is one of the keys to fat loss. Even better, make breakfast more lunch-like.

Side note: For some people, exercising on an empty stomach (prior to breakfast) can burn more fat as compared to exercising, post-breakfast.

3) Green Tea

Claim: Burns an extra 80 calories per day

Accuracy: Partially at best. It has been shown to burn 80-90 calories per day in young men on the first day of supplementation, but will this affect last once your body gets used to it? Unknown.

After all, take a look at caffeine. You can find studies that show it increases metabolism as well. But really, is anyone losing fat with caffeine? Some – yes. Others – those consuming the 2000 calorie triple mocha – not so much.

Coffee is okay in moderate doses, and I recommend Green Tea to everyone, but for health reasons, not for fat loss. The only way you will lose fat with Green Tea is if you replace a 300+-calorie Frappuccino with a Green Tea. Otherwise, the metabolism boost is minimum to zero.

4) Fat Burners( Thermogenics)

Claim: Boost your metabolism big time!

Accuracy: See above for details. Fat burners are simply caffeine pills with a few other ingredients thrown in. You’ll get an increase in mental energy, but that doesn’t mean it will significantly boost metabolism or burn fat. Overtime, they will exhaust your adrenal glands, one of the 4 back ups to the heart.

5) Ice Cold Water with Lemon Juice Squeezed into it

Claim: The body will burn calories warming up the water and the lemon juice also burns more fat.

Accuracy: Sorry, not the case at all. Not even close.

6) Eating 6 small meals per day

Claim: Boosts metabolism and can help control cholesterol.

Accuracy: 100% false. In fact, eating in such a fashion can contribute to diabetes. 

7) Protein

Claim: Burns more calories (uses more calories in digestion than carbohydrates or fat).

Accuracy: True!

Now I’m not sure if this is significant, but protein also helps fill you up longer. And that’s where the real benefit comes in  preventing overeating. And if you want details, another study
showed that animal protein results in more energy burned than vegetable protein.

8-  Regulate  hormone levels.


These are the body’s messengers. They tell the body what to do, when to do it and in what fashion. They are also MAJOR contributors to metabolism and often decide the difference between being lean and fit or overweight and unhealthy. The “stars of the show” are hGHthyroid and cortisol.


Addressing the above helps to not only create a new physique, but are contributors to a new way of life. A new way of being. One that is fills with joy, adventure and health. Make the effort. You are worth it.

Accuracy: True!