“Letting Go” and the Large Intestine Connection

In Natural Medicine, the Large Intestine’s function is to receive food and drink from the small intestine, reabsorb fluids and excrete waste. 

It is closely connected to the Lungs and when one is affected, it either affects the other (or is affected  by the other) due to relationship with its paired organ. For example, lung weakness will often be associated with digestive  problems of the large intestine. Issue with the  large intestine are common with those who smoke.

Depending upon the individual, specific herbs can help to heal and/or improve the functioning of the large intestine. Fennel, Turmeric and Peppermint are excellent substances which can both improve the health of this organ and also help prevent formation of polyps. 

(Polyps are the body’s attempt to ‘wall off’ a pathogen or substance that should not be there. Depending upon the situation, the polyp can be harmless or quite problematic. Taking pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach, every other hour can often either reduce or eliminate a polyp.)

There is another side to the large intestine that is unique to our style of medicine.

  • Do you ever hold a grudge?
  • Have  a shirt that you never wear yet won’t get rid of?
  • Would you rather stay in an unhealthy relationship because it is convenient instead of moving on to a loving one?

When ever  there are issues with “letting go,” know that some how, some way, the large intestine is involved. It is the organ that “holds on to things,” even if it is to the  detriment of self. 

Now the good news. Have a habit you wish to change, be it small or self-destructive or any where in between? 

When you strengthen the Large Intestine, you strengthen the will to release, let go and make the desired changes that your heart wishes.

Just as you can use the mind to strengthen  the body, you can strengthen the body to empower the  mind and the Spirit.

 You may not need massive amounts of courage  and will power all of the time. Some times, a cup of marshmallow root tea will get the job done.