The Most Important Article about Depression

Recent studies in clinical journals including Journal of American Psychology and JAMA reported that depression is on the rise. There does seem to be so much sadness and difficulty coping with the constant changes and upheavals in life. Technology is incompatible with the human spirit is far too many instances as well. The end result is a severe  case of the blues leading right to chronic depression.

I started practicing acupuncture and natural medicine in 1994 and since that time, I have treated 100s of cases of depression. In my experience (please note that this is my experience, not a funded study), depression is a 30/70 problem.

Thirty percent of the cases are primarily chemically based; that is, it starts with an imbalance with the person’s chemistry and then affects the psyche. Examples include:

  • Postpartum
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Traumas (physical)
  • Chronic disease(s)
  • Emotional trauma such as loss

I am sure there are others as well.  When you are able to re-balance the person’s chemistry, particularly the hormonal system, their natural upbeat spirit tends to return.

The other 70% is where it gets interesting and for some, controversial. In these instances, DEpression is more of a REpression.

A person is struggling in a job that do not  like. Living in an area that does  not suit their personality and likes. In a relationship that is unfulfilling. Doing activities on the weekend that are draining if not soul-killing. They are not living. It is more of an restricted existence.

An analogy would be the horse whose spirit is meant to roam free on the plains, forced to participate in rides for kids in a city. Or the vile image of a majestic tiger locked in a cage.

The liver is the organ most responsible for the  movement of energy. When flowing properly, a person will have a lot of energy and an ocean of creativity available to them.

When the energy is REpressed due to life situations/choices, anger, frustration and eventually depression will result. Always. Zero exceptions. 

What starts with the liver inevitably affects the Heart, not just the organ itself but the Heart as in the Spirit of the individual. It feels trapped and given enough time and lack of chance(s), hopelessness and depression result.

The Good. The Very Good. The Great.

Fortunately, all is correctable. 

The 30% can be addressed with acupuncture, nutrition and pinpoint specific supplements including herbs. Hormonal balancing is usually the key and it generally takes the body 12 weeks to adjust. We rarely discuss changes until about week 7 or 8.  

The very good news is that the 70% is also treatable using the same methods – acupuncture, nutrition, supplement. Exercises are also added.

There is a unique point on the back which traditionally “helps one find their course in life.”  There are other healing acupuncture points that move the liver energy and open up the Spirit. This combined with a personally designed nutrition and  herbal program and it is common to have people start a new phase of life.

It Gets Better.

Some struggle with motivation, incorrectly believing their are either a motivated or un-motivated person. 

This is where East meets West.  There is a region in natural medicine called  “the Sea of Blood” and a simple exercise and breathing method dramatically increases motivation.

The Great.

Put everything together, add personal touches  and adjusting for each individuals unique chemistry and say goodbye to the blues.



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