About David

In addition to being an Acupuncture Physician, teacher and healer, I do a number of other things also.

Martial Artist

Of all the passions that I have, this is my deepest one. It is the one that has brought me the most joy and is the vehicle that I now use to share information, inspiration and hope.

On the surface, most people think that the martial arts are for self-protection and of course, this is true. Yet it is so much more and it is the “so much more” part that has caught my attention. This is the part I want to share with you.

Creative Writer

David’s style of writing has been described as “modern poetry” and being able “to touch one’s heart.”

In an Internet filled with noise, David provides unique clarity and inspiration for everyday experiences.

Follow his “Book of Blessings” or hire him for lectures or written material.

Teacher of Internal Energy

Few things can make this much of a difference, this quickly as the Internal Arts.

They are easy to learn. Anyone can do them. The way I teach it focuses on personal-development and self-growth.

The time spent in learning the movements and breathing patterns transfers into a healthier, happier and more abundant life. Experience it for yourself.


David has completed 11 marathons and 40 some other races of lesser distances.

“Running is a form of meditation for me. I learn so much on longer runs. Even though I am not a good runner, I experience so much value in them.

Plus you can learn a lot from the back of the pack.”


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