The Most Important Article about Depression

Recent studies in clinical journals including Journal of American Psychology and JAMA reported that depression is on the rise. There does seem to be so much sadness and difficulty coping with the constant changes and upheavals in life. Technology is incompatible with the human spirit is far too many instances as well. The end result is a severe  case of the blues leading right to chronic depression.

I started practicing acupuncture and natural medicine in 1994 and since that time, I have treated 100s of cases of depression. In my experience (please note that this is my experience, not a funded study), depression is a 30/70 problem.

Thirty percent of the cases are primarily chemically based; that is, it starts with an imbalance with the person’s chemistry and then affects the psyche. Examples include:

  • Postpartum
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Traumas (physical)
  • Chronic disease(s)
  • Emotional trauma such as loss

I am sure there are others as well.  When you are able to re-balance the person’s chemistry, particularly the hormonal system, their natural upbeat spirit tends to return.

The other 70% is where it gets interesting and for some, controversial. In these instances, DEpression is more of a REpression.

A person is struggling in a job that do not  like. Living in an area that does  not suit their personality and likes. In a relationship that is unfulfilling. Doing activities on the weekend that are draining if not soul-killing. They are not living. It is more of an restricted existence.

An analogy would be the horse whose spirit is meant to roam free on the plains, forced to participate in rides for kids in a city. Or the vile image of a majestic tiger locked in a cage.

The liver is the organ most responsible for the  movement of energy. When flowing properly, a person will have a lot of energy and an ocean of creativity available to them.

When the energy is REpressed due to life situations/choices, anger, frustration and eventually depression will result. Always. Zero exceptions. 

What starts with the liver inevitably affects the Heart, not just the organ itself but the Heart as in the Spirit of the individual. It feels trapped and given enough time and lack of chance(s), hopelessness and depression result.

The Good. The Very Good. The Great.

Fortunately, all is correctable. 

The 30% can be addressed with acupuncture, nutrition and pinpoint specific supplements including herbs. Hormonal balancing is usually the key and it generally takes the body 12 weeks to adjust. We rarely discuss changes until about week 7 or 8.  

The very good news is that the 70% is also treatable using the same methods – acupuncture, nutrition, supplement. Exercises are also added.

There is a unique point on the back which traditionally “helps one find their course in life.”  There are other healing acupuncture points that move the liver energy and open up the Spirit. This combined with a personally designed nutrition and  herbal program and it is common to have people start a new phase of life.

It Gets Better.

Some struggle with motivation, incorrectly believing their are either a motivated or un-motivated person. 

This is where East meets West.  There is a region in natural medicine called  “the Sea of Blood” and a simple exercise and breathing method dramatically increases motivation.

The Great.

Put everything together, add personal touches  and adjusting for each individuals unique chemistry and say goodbye to the blues.



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“Letting Go” and the Large Intestine Connection

In Natural Medicine, the Large Intestine’s function is to receive food and drink from the small intestine, reabsorb fluids and excrete waste. 

It is closely connected to the Lungs and when one is affected, it either affects the other (or is affected  by the other) due to relationship with its paired organ. For example, lung weakness will often be associated with digestive  problems of the large intestine. Issue with the  large intestine are common with those who smoke.

Depending upon the individual, specific herbs can help to heal and/or improve the functioning of the large intestine. Fennel, Turmeric and Peppermint are excellent substances which can both improve the health of this organ and also help prevent formation of polyps. 

(Polyps are the body’s attempt to ‘wall off’ a pathogen or substance that should not be there. Depending upon the situation, the polyp can be harmless or quite problematic. Taking pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach, every other hour can often either reduce or eliminate a polyp.)

There is another side to the large intestine that is unique to our style of medicine.

  • Do you ever hold a grudge?
  • Have  a shirt that you never wear yet won’t get rid of?
  • Would you rather stay in an unhealthy relationship because it is convenient instead of moving on to a loving one?

When ever  there are issues with “letting go,” know that some how, some way, the large intestine is involved. It is the organ that “holds on to things,” even if it is to the  detriment of self. 

Now the good news. Have a habit you wish to change, be it small or self-destructive or any where in between? 

When you strengthen the Large Intestine, you strengthen the will to release, let go and make the desired changes that your heart wishes.

Just as you can use the mind to strengthen  the body, you can strengthen the body to empower the  mind and the Spirit.

 You may not need massive amounts of courage  and will power all of the time. Some times, a cup of marshmallow root tea will get the job done.

Here is Why You Have No Energy

If you are lively and have a lot of energy, this article will reinforce what you are already undoubtedly doing.

If you are listless and lacking, you may not like it but it is most certainly for you.

Ready? Brace yourself. . . . . . . . . The reason the vast majority of those who do not have “enough” energy is that they do not do enough. Another way of saying it that the more you do, the more energy your system produces and the more energy you have.

But I am a mother of 12 and work 3 jobs. . .   Yes, there are exceptions but the odds are, you are not one of them unless of course, you are the mother of 12 working 3 jobs. 

People live from either fear or passion. Studies consistently show that most live from fear. They avoid, preferring to do what they can to deflect pain as opposed to moving to the center of passion. From a physical stand point, the 2 organs that are involved are the Kidneys and the Heart.

Let’s start with the Kidneys. The Kidneys control fear and courage. The issue with this is that both of these emotions cannot live or be experienced in the same body at the same time. One is is the alpha male or alpha female as the case may be. 

As mentioned, studies have shown that fear is the more dominant leader. I have witnesses with firsthand, having treated 1000s of patients over the decades. Fear is the dictator and not a benevolent one. When fear is the underlying driving force, the Kidneys contract, albeit it subtly. This in term, worsens the situation. In not only increases the fear, anxiety, worry etc., but also dampens the production of warmth and energy. This is why you see Mary or Jon with a sweatshirt on when it is 80 degrees outside. 

End result is a listless loop; that is, Person A lives from fear which creates more fear which weakens the Kidneys which then does not produce energy which creates fatigue which creates stagnation, leading to more fatigue. And the cycle goes on and on.

There are many, many ways to overcome this from nutrition to Tai Chi to Yoga to herb and a couple of 100 in between. They all have one factor in common – they require movement. Consistent,roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-movingeffort, day after day after day, until it becomes a way of life. In fact, it not only becomes a way of life, the benefits become so pronounced that you cannot image life any other way!

Get moving. Sign up for a class. Run a marathon. Dust off the bike and hit the road. Do whatever you need to do to get moving. Start slowly and progress on a daily basis. Get the Bagua course on this site! It is the best way I have ever come across to move energy.

Hire a trainer and a nutritionist. Order theVirtual Visit. Do what you need to do to strengthen the Kidneys and overcome inertia. For when you do, you then flip the switch and start living from your Heart.

Your Heart is when your Spirit lives. It is the source of your passion and zest for life. It adds color and flavor. Without it, life is common, dull and bland. Activate or stimulate the Heart and the Spirit immediately responds. Answers are heard. Creativity flows and you have more energy than you know what do to with. Life becomes that which you envision or desire it to be. 

Food becomes nourishment, not an escape. Sleep becomes a passive act of rejuvenation, not a hiding ground. People of like mind seek and find you. Opportunities which you have been wanting, also find you.

Fear or Fascination. Kidney fear or Kidney courage. Activate the heart or not. The choices all rest with you and the key is as simple as can be:

1. Get moving.

2. Keep moving.


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