The Point of Inspiration. . . Literally

When you hear the word “acupuncture,” there may be a number of images, questions,  and thoughts that come to mind.

Needles. Do they hurt? (No is the answer here.)

Used for pain. Helps clear addictions. Weight loss, immunity boosting, and depression relief are just a small sampling of the more than 200 conditions cited by the World Health Organization that acupuncture is successful in treating.

You probably know this.

What about when things are fine physically, but the creative part of you is just stuck? What do you do then?

You probably never thought of this answer – get acupuncture from me.

There are points on the body that not only address physical issues but ones that are of an “other than physical” nature to them. In other words, they help with emotions and psychological states.

They help alleviate anxiety, elevate one’s spirit in cases of depression, reduce fear and others.

They also help to stimulate more positive emotions and psychological states. In one particular case, they stimulate the artistic inspiration; that is, you can get more creative.

How would stimulating a point on the body improve creativity? Think of creativity as energy that is flowing. When the energy is stuck, so is the creativity.

Also, various organs are associated with the “production” of creativity. In this case, the liver and the heart are associated with creativity. The liver “releases” the ideas while the heart provides the passion.

Are you a writer, artists, musician etc.? Memorize this point and stimulate it frequently. It is Gall Bladder 40.

Gall Bladder 40 is located in the area of the ankle. It is in the junction between the 4th and 5th toes, toward the ankle (see picture below).

By massaging this point (or getting acupuncture from me), not only is the gallbladder improved in terms of its overall health, but the stored creativity and other skills can be released as well.