The “Magic” of Herbs

Each, when used properly including precise dosages, exact time and other factors, have tremendous value.

Trace minerals, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids can aid the body in many ways. They work well and work almost exclusively on a physical level.

Enter the world of Herbs.

They do all of the above – the help the body repair itself. They assist the organs and glands. They rid the cells of waste products and promote immunity. Just like the trace minerals, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, aminos etc.

This is where Herbs and Herbal Medicine separates itself from the pack.

Unlike its “relates,” Herbs work on the emotional and spiritual levels. The others do not.

If a person if feeling melancholy, angry, confused or distracted, there are specific herbs and herbal formulas that will provide relief.

If a person is seeking answers to personal questions, herbs can aid in this quest.

If they desire a deeper connection to Spirit, again, herbs provide the solution.

Each herb enters a different pathway in the body (called Meridians). Each affects various organs based upon its innate flavor and each as a temperature associated with it. For example, ginger by its nature is warming. Rhizoma Rhei is very cold.

As a Master Herbalist, I have spent the better part of 25 years learning the details of these remarkable substances. When you know which combinations to use and for how long, it is amazing how not only a person’s health improves but how their overall life takes a quantum leap forward.

Herbs are best used raw. If one does not know how to use them in combination properly or does not have access to them, liquid tinctures are the next best.

Encapsulated ground up herbs (capsules) are 3rd best.

The latter is the most convenient and cost-effective. The former is the best overall. Tinctures are in the middle.

As a general rule, think herbs over anything and everything else. By far, they have the greatest health improving, life-changing impact.