Current Classes

David is currently teaching the following Classes:

  • Online at Dr. Orman’s Wellness School.   Here you will find cutting-edge information to help dramatically improve your immunity, weight, energy, physical appearance and many other others. There is a weekly Video lesson and written lesson. Also, David will personally answer your questions in either written form or video form. Privacy and precise answers are always honored.
  • Bagua, similar to Tai Chi, online HERE.  Bagua is an easy to learn form that has a dramatic impact on flexibility, energy, and overall stress reduction. Easy to do. No health restrictions at all.
  • Tai Chi at the Oakland Nature PreserveNEXT CLASS: Thursdays starting August 23. 8am. Participants will learn an easy and interesting Tai Chi form over the course of 8 weeks. Additional health information is also included.
  • Advanced Tai Chi known as Bagua, Starting Saturday, August 25, 8am.
  • Systema, Russian martial art, Winter Garden, Mondays, 7pm. The above courses are mainly for self-development. Systema is for self-protection. It is a hard, physical combative art that focuses on punch, kick and knife defense. Taught to the Spetznas, Russian special forces and now available to the public.

Here is a list of upcoming ones, including locations.

  • Salt Scene, Windermere, FL. Look for a series of lectures, nutrition and wellness services and much more.
  • Tranquiliti Spa, Windermere, FL.


If you would like to hire David to teach, lecture or produce a class for your facility, please contact him HERE.



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