Internal Arts Teacher

It was one of the most remarkable experiences I have had. Some 30 years ago, I watched a demo of a Tai Chi master. At the time I was in my early 20s, strong as a horse and outweighing him by at least 70  pounds, and despite all, could not budge the man an inch.

I was stunned and wanted to know how.

He came back with 3 words and walked away. Those 3 words? “Learn Tai Chi.”

So I did, along with Qi Gong and some Bagua and Xing I. These are all “relatives” so to speak, to Tai Chi. (Qi Gong features static postures. Bagua features circular movements. Xing I features linear ones. All emphasize breathing and correct posture.)

Over the years, I began teaching these and each has had a huge impact on many people. Their overall health and wellness have improved. Lung functioning is better, weight loss, enhanced endurance, less stress, better sleep, more energy are just some of the common results.

It is fun, easy to learn, can be done by anyone and the benefits are tremendous.

Come join me. I have classes in a number of places in Winter Garden and Oakland, FL.

Also, sign up for my online Bagua class. Click below.


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