Minecraft Fence – How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

In Minecraft game, a fence is used to block or defend the Minecraft Houses from the mobs or other players. A Fence mostly is made of oak wood plank or by other woods. It plays a role of the barrier which cannot be jumped over by a mob or a player unless the player is using a horse or standing on a slab or having jump boost. The player can also utilize a gate as a fence line for providing a source of an entrance to the other side. These fences can appear in various colors due to the types and colors of wood planks.

How to make a fence gate in minecraft

Uses Of Fence In Minecraft:

The fence works as resistance in Minecraft game to keep the hostile mobs and crowd inside or outside the boundaries made by the players. Actually, fences are made of  1.5 blocks tall, and players or mobs are only 1 block tall. Therefore, these fences help to keep the monsters, angered mobs, skeletons away from the covered area. You can also install torches on top of these fences for making them a safe and sound perimeter. Sometimes, players use these fences as railings on the edges of balconies or to tie the animals with it.

How to Make A Fence/Fence Gate In Minecraft:

Minecraft is the most popular game among the people of every age. In this game, a player builds his own structure with the help of different building blocks by using his own imagination and creativity. The players try their best to build such a structure with certain defence tools which could protect their created world from the invaders.

To save their buildings, the players make a stronger boundary around the structure with various kinds of fences. The fence gate provides the player with a way to enter or exit from the building. Here, we will tell you about the steps to make a fence in Minecraft.

Platforms Used For Making Fence:

A fence or fence gate is found in different versions of Minecraft as under:

Platform SupportedVersion
Java Edition Pc/Mac Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)
Wii UYes
Xbox 360YesTu25
Xbox oneYes CU14
Education Edition (EDU)Yes
Window 10 EditionYes
Nintendo SwitchYes

Materials Required To Build A Fence:

Following materials are used in Minecraft game.

  • 4 Oak Wood Planks
  • 2 Sticks

Draw A Crafting Table:

To draw the crafting table, a player has first to open the crafting menu where he can add the materials in crafting grid for inventory of crafting table.

Open The Crafting Menu:

The player has to open the crafting menu to make a Minecraft fence. When you open the crafting menu, you will have to select a 3*3 crafting grid for further process to create a Minecraft fence.

open the crafting menu

Add Items In Crafting Grid To Make An Oak Fence Gate:

To make a Minecraft fence, the player has to add the items in the grid in proper ways; otherwise, all efforts will be useless. In the first row, the centre grid will be filled with 1 oak wood planks and the remaining two grids will be filled with 2 sticks. The second row will be filled with the same pattern, as done in the first row. After filling the grids, a Minecraft oak fence gate starts to appear on the screen.

Transfer The Oak Fence Gate To Inventory.

Once, you have completed the above steps; the Minecraft oak fence gate is ready for use. Now, you need to add the new items to your inventory for further requirements of different tools.