David has been called a “Master Teacher” by both peers and students.

Come learn about the fascinating world of Natural Health by attending a lecture or class

Come learn about the fascinating world of Natural Health by attending a lecture.

David lectures on a variety of topics from the wold of natural  medicine  . They include:

  • weight loss
  • low energy causes
  • emotional issues
  • sleep problems
  • hormonal balancing
  • anti aging
  • fasting and much more

The field of nutrition for example (in terms  of information) every 3 years. No one is able  to keep up with all of this information unless they are in this profession. Dr. Orman is continually learning and updating information and is able to pass this along in an easy-to-understand fashion.”Dr. Orman has taught me more than anyone. Other doctors and educators come to him for information.”
– Wallace W., DC

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructions

Tai Chi and  Qi Gong (pronounced, ‘chee-goong’), are gentle, powerful way of moving which dramatically improve one’s overall health and wellness. Proper breathing is taught along with methods to enhance energy and lose weight.

These slow forms help improve flexibility and strength and can be done standing or seated. No age restrictions at all either.

David has been practicing martial arts since 1985 and is the holder of 4 black belts. Additionally, he is a black belt level Tai Chi Instructor and long time student of Tai Chi and Qi Gong master, Stephen Russell.

If you are interested in classes or private lessons, Call 407-810-2171 for more details.

“I took David’s Tai Chi training at the Oakland Nature Preserve and it was the most enjoyable class. My flexibility improved and best of all, NO back pain.”  – David K, Winter Garden, FL



Bagua: Tai Chi’s Cousin

Bagua (pronounced, ‘baa-gwaa’) is similar to Tai Chi but most of the movements are circular in nature. This is a HUGE help in terms of improving back issues, digestive issues and immunity.

There is also a unique feature to Bagua. There are  strong energetic aspects to “walking the circle” clockwise  and counterclockwise. 

Very powerful for both physical and  emotional health.

“David truly  is a master teacher. I loved this class.” – Jennifer, Oakland, FL

Online Training

Online Training

Can’t make classes? Want more information? Here is a Learn From Anywhere option:

  • Bagua, online HERE.

If you would like to hire David to teach, lecture or produce a class for your facility, please contact him.


“I have learn more in ONE class with David than I did after taking entire courses! He is simply brilliant!”

Kelly Brocke