Use This Point to Release the Past

Are you troubled by your past? Haunted even?

Do you live in the past or which things “were like they used to be. . .  in the good ole’ days.”

You know being in the present is where life happens yet staying there is a challenge, insurmountable at times.

You try meditating, doing Tai Chi and have even befriended Eckerhart Tolle. Still, you find the past is like a magnet, continually drawing you back.

How are your lungs?

Don’t bother answering. I already know.

They are weak. Maybe not a disease but I guaranteed you they are weak. When the energy of the lungs is weaker than what it should be, one does not inhale and in particular, exhale as they should. This is where the clinging to the past enters the picture.

The past, in the form of stagnant energy (called Chi) accumulates in the lungs and traps the person in memories of the past.

In the meantime, life is flying by and you are not even getting to participate in it.

Fortunately, there is one point on the body that can make a huge difference with this issue. It is called Tai Yuan or Lung 9. It translates as “the Great Abyss” which when this point is weak, a person feels trapped in this “Great Abyss” of the past.

The point is easy to find. If you look at your palm (either hand), it is on the thumb side, right on the crease of the wrist. When you palpate, you will find strong sized tendon there. (see featured image).

Press into it and massage it clockwise for 60 seconds, a few times a day. As you do so, notice exactly how you feel with each circular movement. Pay extra attention to your breathing, focusing mainly on the exhale.

In a short period of time, you will find yourself focusing on the now and releasing the past, regardless of what has occurred (or not occurred).

Life is happening now. Use Lung 9 to be an active participant.