Here is a small sampling of the many happy patients treated by Dr. David Orman

“I never thought I could find any relief for my condition. I assumed it was with me for life. Then I met David and his treatments took care of my situation. I am beyond grateful. The treatments were gentle and worked very well. Thank you so much”   – Dr. Randolph Brock


“You did it. I don’t know how you did it but you did it. I feel great!!” – Terry Brankovich


“My digestion is finally back to normal. I lost a grand total of 29 pounds and feel like a 30-year-old again. Thank you, Dr. Orman. You are wonderful.” – Kelly Rogers


“After years of struggling with hormonal issues, I went to see Dr. David Orman as a last resort. After about 8 or 9 treatments, my system is finally back to normal. Next time, he will be my first resort. Thank you Dr. David.”  – Margaret K. Syler


“Absolutely brilliant. . . . ”  – Hans Hvide


“The doctors said I would have to live with this condition. With his acupuncture and a bunch of herbs, I no longer have this condition. I am so thankful to you, Dr. Orman. You gave me my life back.”  – Tom G.


“I jokingly referred to David as ‘the magic man.’ Except that I was not joking. He is truly amazing.” – Judy R.


“Our whole family has been greatly helped by Dr. Orman. He has taken great efforts and so much time and care to help us. We are so thankful to him. Every one of us feels so much better.” – The Knopp Family


“Simply the best health care provider I have ever known.” – Dan Carrara