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Nutritional Evaluation

Take the guess work out of your nutritional program. There are 1000s of supplements and hundreds of diets. It is impossible  to keep up with all of the changes today. Let an expert do this for you. Dr. David Orman will customize a nutrition program for your unique needs and goals.

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Hair Analysis/Trace Mineral Analysis

One of the most valuable and under-used tools in the world of health and wellness. Hair Analysis is a simple test whereby a small sample of hair is sent to a lab which then  reports levels of toxic metals, healthy  minerals, trace minerals and more. If you are suffering from chronic issues, this is THE test for you.

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Blood Test Analysis

“IF my blood tests are so ‘normal,’ WHY do I feel so poorly?”Have you ever found yourself asking this question? If so, I can help. My way of reviewing blood tests features health based parameters, not just disease based ones. Bottom line for your is you find answers to improve your health.

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Supplement Review

I have found that 1 out of every 3 supplements people take are useful. Additionally, 35-50% of supplements are the wrong type and/or taken at the incorrect time. Dr. Orman will review all of this information and tailor-make a program for you. Time and money saver.

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Standard Process Formulas

Of all of the nutritional substances I have ever used, raw herbs are the very best. Unfortunately, they come with a slew of problems:

  • They are hard to obtain
  • They typically take a good 30-45 minutes to prepare
  • They taste aweful

As such, though I HIGHLY recommend them, I understand the  nature of most people.  As such, I have tried hundreds of products from dozens of companies. Capsules, pills, tablets, sprays, powder and anything else you can think of.

Of all of the companies I have used, Standard Process Formulas is by far, the best. They have a wide range of products from specialized nutrition to herbs to formulas for animals even. (I have parrots and I have used the formulas with them too.)

The  art of choosing a formula, particularly Standard Process Formulas since there are so many, is very complicated at times. As such, they only sell to licensed health practitioners. As a Licensed Acupuncture  Physician, I have an account with them and am well-versed in every single product  they sell.

As one of my patients, you will also have access to these. Depending upon the situation, I will offer suggestions for (a) given formula(s) and they  will drop ship directly to you. It typically takes 3 days.


Questions about any of the above? Wanting to make an appointment with Dr. Orman? Email him at:  David@docwellnessworld.com